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I will continue referring patients to Dr. Herrera and to your other Surgeons.

I had a visit with Dr. Herrera, he was outstanding, since then I have referred him coworkers and 4 other clients, and I will continue referring patients to Dr. Herrera and to your other surgeons.

Thank You,

Dr. T.C.

I was recommended to come to the U.S. for Osteoarthritic Transfer System Surgery

After going through two unsuccessful surgeries with who I thought were tops, I was recommended to come to the U.S. and see Dr. Mauricio Herrera for OATS Osteoarthritic Transfer System Surgery. The facility is excellent and I will stay until my rehab program is finished.


Sydney, Australia

Our Doctor in Melbourne told us to come see Dr. Herrera!

Our doctor in Melbourne told us to come to see Dr. Herrera for a labrium tear of the hip, he said he was the best. He has done more than anyone else!

J. Meesig
St. Cloud, FL

I just had Meniscus Surgery with Mauricio Herrera, M.D., The Facility is Outstanding!

I just had Meniscus Surgery. The treatment I received at The Surgery Center of Doral was excellent. The staff are very professional and have great bedside manners. The facility is outstanding!

Manhattan NY/Miami, FL

Thank You to All of You for Your Excellent Work & Dedication to All of Your Patients

Thank you to all of you for your excellent work and dedication to all of your patients. I had the privilege to be one of them for my third time, carpal tunnel fracture and radius and removal of pin and ALL have been GREAT to me.

God Bless you all and enjoy the home made cookies.


Maria Lourdes G.

Karen Meakins, Multiple Barbados National Squash Champion

“I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder in 2011, As a competitive squash player I continued playing but the pain got worse. After examination on MRi scan showed a torn tendon. At first I was reluctant consider surgery, but after talking to Dr. Badia he put my mind at rest and I decided to go ahead with it in October 2011. The care I received at BHS was fantastic. I met with Dr. Badia the day before the surgery and he explained everything in detail. The staff were excellent, very helpful and BHS is an amazing facility. Dr. Badia successfully repaired the torn tendon. By February 2012 I was back on the squash court and not only achieved my goal of playing in the World Masters in July, but I finshed in fourth place! One thing I have to mention is the excellent after care I received from Dr. Badia. Since I do not live in the US I emailed him with any queries or concerns and he always emailed me back on the same day. Quite remarkable knowing how busy he is!”

Karen Meakins
Multiple Barbados National Squash Champion

Danny Atwell, Barbados National Polo Player

“I fell in the Cheshire game three years ago, and fractured and dislocated my right wrist. It was my first major injury, but what an injury it was. Apart from the excrutiating pain, because of the damage to the wrist joint, I feared I would never play polo again and have trouble and pain in everyday life. The first surgery I had was on island, but I was still in a lot of pain & weeks after. One day while in Bjorn’s Bjerkamn’s office, he suggested I contact Dr. Badia.

I went up to Miami the next week and Dr. Badia showed me exactly where I was getting the pain, and arranged surgery for the following week. It was the start of June, but amazingly I was playing polo by Christmas. I’m very happy with the restulst I got from Dr. Badia and would recommend his services to everyone.

Danny Atwell
Barbados National Polo Player

John & Katie. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

There is not a finer staff assembled anywhere on the planet when it comes to care! Miss Brenda has worked so hard to make her International patients have the most stress free experience when dealing with surgical procedures from afar. I could not recommend any other facility to take impeccable care in every detail!

All the Best to you Brenda and your astounding team!

John and Katie,
Cayman Islands

From Officer N.S., Miami Dade Police Department

Miami August 12, 2013

It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I write this letter.

On June 23rd, 2013 during an altercation with a subject while at work I suffered an injury to my right wrist and elbow, after few weeks of therapy and excruciating pain seeing that therapy was not going to work Dr. Badia did the “Tenex Health TX” procedure to repair the tendon on my elbow and reduce the pain and another surgery on my wrist.

It has only been 13 days since the surgery day and my elbow feels almost 100 percent recovered!!! There is a little discomfort to the area still but is nothing compared to the pain I had right before the procedure, I wish we had done the “Tenex Health TX” right of way instead of waiting to see if therapy was going to work. This innovative new technique to fix what’s most common known as “Tennis Elbow” is a total success and I will recommend this to anyone who suffers from the pain I had, I don’t see a reason or the waste of time doing therapy when you can fix this right of way with a small incision and a minimal invasive procedure.

I want to thank Dr. Alejandro Badia for helping me and making me feel much better in a short period of time, his knowledge and new innovating techniques are to me “the top of the line”, I believe that he is the best available Doctor when it comes to hand to shoulder injuries and he has earned all my trust. As a police officer it is crucial that I recover from my dominant/shooting hand & elbow as soon as possible and I believe I am being treated by the best Dr. there is.

Before I end this letter I have to recognize the personnel that works for Dr. Badia all the way from the receptionist, the Worker’s comp coordinator, the surgical coordinator, the office manager, the nurses the assistant physician as well as the Surgical Team have the most kind, helpful and professional attitude you can ask for.

I am blessed and forever thankful to be under the care of Dr. Badia and his staff!!!


Officer N.S.
Miami Dade Police Department